Thursday, 22 February 2018

News in a nutshell

Introducing Nutshell News.
Brought to you by the wonders of digital art and Photoshop in this age and era of TrumpBrexitFakenewsGeneraldespair ad infinitum.

Today (February 22 2018), some news outlets ran stories on the UK prime minister's response to rapper Stormzy regarding the Grenfell Tower tragedy and promised but allegedly undelivered financial aid.

I have used Photoshop to create an ironic response which I hope will be understood three-fold: the issue - Grenfell Tower (to say 'tragedy', 'horror' and so on seems so trite as no words can describe what happened and what continues to happen) ; Theresa May's response, as reported by The Guardian, (and interpreted by me), and a word play on her surname May as 'Meh', indicating nonchalance, signified by her head superimposed on shrugging shoulders.

This was today, February 22, 2018.

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