Saturday, 21 May 2016

Random stuff

Well here I am at the end of my third year. It's been three years of fun ... I mean, hard work... and now, the end is near, and now I've reached the final curtain.

So I thought I'd use my blog for some random thoughts and pictures as no-one really ever reads my blog so it doesn't matter what I put on it.

So this is London, where I was at the weekend. I walked miles, as usual thinking that distances weren't so far. At various points in my meander from Covent Garden to the Southbank I encountered men in smart suits with tourism officer badges. This was one such, walking past a posh hotel with his white paper bag.

Can't remember where this one was. But I seem to have taken a picture at an interesting moment.

So here is my doll's house. It is an interactive piece with visitors encouraged to move the occupants and items around in the rooms. 

Three sculptures: of action man; charity shop item; action man man cave.

My homage to Marcel Duchamp.

My toy sculptures are sprayed gold to show how value can be added to low value objects,

Detail of wall hanging.

End of year show:
Friday June 10

Then weekdays 10-40pm to June 17.