Monday, 26 September 2016

Some Reason led me to discover a conceptual artist.

At the opening of the MA show in Dean Clough Mills, Halifax, I stumbled across some metal words set on a walkway between the industrial buildings.
It caught my eye: in particular, the words 'some reason' stood out. The whole thing (a weighbridge, apparently) looked like this (thanks, Google):

So after changing my Facebook cover picture to the above, I wandered into the realms of wondering the whole sentence could mean:
                     'some limestone some sandstone enclosed for some reason'

Googling this was the obvious place to start, and it led me to a blogger in whose footsteps I had followed who recorded the vision as a piece of public art as part of the regeneration of the mill. (This blogger called it 'pretentious' but added: "wondering why it being done by an artist rather than an engineer leads me to change my feeling about it so markedly.")
So - the artist. Next on Google's list is from the The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, Volume 1, with a section on Weiner, Lawrence.

There was a sentence tacked to the original Google image :
Steel pennies don't come from or go to heaven.
This search led to a book of these words by Lawrence Weine (no 'R')

Lawrence Weiner was featured at the Henry Moore Sculpture Gallery in Leeds with his work Steel Pennies Do Not Come From or Go to Heaven19.02.1993 - 23.05.1993
Oh, by the way, this is what Lawrence Weiner looks like. Isn't he avuncular?

If you'd like to read more about Lawrence Weiner and can't afford the book, here's the Wikipedia page about him:
And some very interesting information about more of his work here: