Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Spools and wools

Monday mornings are magical - the kiln is opened to reveal its wonders; how will my slip-dipped knitted pieces look? Have the glazes worked? 

It's like Christmas morning for five year old me as I am handed my latest ceramic results. 
I'm pleased to say my work is improving as I learn and experiment with new techniques.

The kiln this week with all my exciting creations in it, just waiting to be devoured!

I have created more than 20 bobbins and spools so far. The first batch were based on extruded lengths which I then wrapped with hand-rolled wool. I also dipped balls of wool in slip, fired and glazed them. You can see the results above. My next batch of spools are awaiting their first firing but this time I have wrapped slip-dipped felt and wool round the extruded lengths. 

It's getting close to final assessment for this first semester (grrr, they are called terms) so I am now putting my finishing touches to this project. I am thinking of ways to display all the spools and wools! 

Meanwhile, I have gone off on a flight of fancy with a new project, based around collections.

So I have been making display units out of old boxes and wooden containers. The nooks and crannies and cubbyholes will contain an ambiguity of objects - some made from clay, some collected, fossils, man-made and natural found items. It's a work in progress and at the moment I'm excited about it but I am aware of how easily I get distracted by other ideas!

Juxtaposing boxes and objects

Upturned note and pen rack, thimble stand,
spoon rack.

Pencil box and small box opened to create display

Watch this space!

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  1. The ceramics are great.
    Why is there this need to Americanise everything? I hate it.